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Florence and Reg Neal
1209 Ruthbern Road

We’re in shock! This is the fourth time we‘ve bought or sold a home with you and once again you were fast. You sold our home is just three days and what’s even better is that you got us $3100 more than our asking price!!! Its been great working with you over the years. You’ve always worked real hard for us and have always done a great job. You and Pat have become more than our agents, you’ve become our friends. Thanks again for your great work and friendship.

Dave and Linda Wehr
1336 Peachtree Road

When we called you about selling our home we were pleasantly surprised as to what you said we could get for it. Thanks for selling our home is just four days!
You certainly live up to your reputation as the Fairway Estates resident expert! Thanks for being so efficient and easy to work with. Feel free to use us as a recommendation for the great job you did. Thanks again

John D. & Loree P. Wilsher
1429 Sunland Road

Ed, Thanks for selling our house so fast. You sold it before the sign even went up. When we called you about selling, you said you already have a buyer. We thought "that is what all Realtors say" but you did have a buyer.
One showing to one buyer, that is all it took. I guess we should call you
"Fast Eddie."

Sam & Sharon Hamilton
1313 Suwanee Road

"We can't thank you enough for all you've done. Although we didn't buy our home from you, we're sure glad we called you to sell it. You sold it in just 2 days for almost double what we paid for it just 4 years ago! It has been great working with you and your staff. You've been so helpful with everything. Thanks again Ed."

Emily & Nick Nickloas
Daytona Beach
Dear Ed, Thank you and your team for all the help you gave us during the sale of our house. It was a good experience, and we are very grateful. We've already talked about you to our friends. Thank you for letting us know that a portion of the money you received from the sale of hour house went to the Children's Miracle Network. We appreciate that very much.
Dear Ed, We've had our home on the market for a year with three other companies before listing with your team at RE/MAX. We had more contact from you and your staff in the first week of the listing than we did from the other agents in months and months. What's more important is that you sold our house in just 11 days!!!
     Perhaps the market slowed down but you got us a sale and you got it quick. Thank you to you and your staff for keeping us informed every step of the way right to the closing. It was a pleasure working with you. We were sorry we never had a chance to meet you. We really appreciated all you did for us. We would certainly recommend you and your team with no reservations, we are just sorry we did not know about your company a year ago.

Mary Ellen & Clarence Watson
Melbourne, Formerly of Mori Court



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