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FEHOA is recycling the following: old tattered & worn flags, used batteries, cell phones, prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses & sunglasses, children glasses are especially needed. Bring these items to our next HOA meeting.
Adam Lowery, local resident of Fairway Estates won $500.00 Scholarship for writing an essay to the Florida Association of Realtors, about your RESIDENT Fairway Estate Realtor, Ed Savard. Click here to read his winning essay!!
Alico USA Health Services provides Homemaker/Companion Services. If you or someone you know needs help with chores, cleaning or personal help, we are a licensed and insured agency to provide such services. License # 229746.

Owner is a Fairway Estates Resident.
Office phone is 386 761-1107
fax 386 761-6679.

Members of the public can also apply for food stamps, Medicaid and temporary cash assistance at our office at 1353 Beville Rd, Daytona Beach in the Foxboro Plaza.

  • Lawn Watering & Car Washing - Watering Restrictions: Due to our severe lack of rainfall, the City is requesting all residents and businesses to observe the watering restrictions. Restrictions apply to all water resources including private wells, lakes and city water.
    Watering Hours are:
       Odd address: Wednesday & Saturday
                               4-8 AM (Manual & Automatic Systems)
                               5-9 PM (Manual & Automatic Systems)

            Even address: Thursday & Sunday
                                     (Hours same as above)

With Hurricane Season here are you prepared - What would you take with you if you had to evacuate your home in a moments notice? Click here to view a handy Home Emergency Checklist, prepared by the Office Of Emergency Services and Homeland Security. Emergency Checklist
Rubbish Removal - Collected TUESDAY and FRIDAY, Trash containers should be placed at the curb the night before pickup. They should not be left on the curb for more than 24 hours. (Land Development Code, Article 18, Sec. 45-14 (4). If you don't have a container or if yours is not usable call 671-8670 for replacement or questions.
Recycle - Place the recycle bin at curbside with trash container on FRIDAY. Glass, plastic, and paper should be in green recycling container (city provided). If you do not have one, a visit to city hall on Orange Ave. will get you one, or call 671-8678, Hazard Waste 947-2952.
Yard & Organic Cuttings - These are picked up on Wednesday. Limbs can't be larger than 5 feet long and no bigger than 6 inches in diameter. If you have big stuff like this then call Florida Recycle Services at 671-8670 for an estimate of cost. Of course, you can take these items to the land fill yourself. It is located on Tomoka Farms Road, Call 947-2952 for information.
Over Grown Yards & Garbage on Lots - If you notice any place that is an unsightly mess then call Solid Waste Management 671-8670 and the city will come, evaluate it and get it fixed in accordance with the City Code chapter 18-2
Fairway Estates Homeowners Association
We were informed that the City of Daytona Beach has parking ordinance regarding narrow streets. Our streets are only 16 feet wide and when you have cars parked on both sides emergency vehicles are unable to get through. Below is a copy of the ordinance and with the increase of police patrols in our neighborhood we want to make sure you don't get a ticket.

City of
Codified through
Ord. No. 05-268, adopted July 20, 2005.
(Supplement No. 18)


*State law references:
Jurisdiction, F.S. 316.640(3)

Sec. 94-44. Obstruction of traffic by parking.
No person shall park any vehicle upon a street in such a manner or under such conditions as to leave available less than eight feet of the width of the traffic lane for free movement of vehicular traffic.   (Code 1970, 45-9)

What does that mean to you?
If you are parked on one side of the street and there is a car parked directly across from you on the other side of the street, you must park far enough from the car to make sure that there is 8 feet on either side of the street.

Expect on Margina, which already has an ordinance where you can only park on one side of the street.
Posted 8/7/2006

Some residents have expressed concern as to registered sex offenders living in Fairway Estates. One of the goals of this, your community website, is to serve and inform. Should you wish to find the addresses and names of registered sex offenders in this or any other neighborhood, this information can be found at
  • A Neighborhood Watch will be restarted. Lynne and Ben Sarro will be setting this up in conjunction with the Daytona Beach Police Department. Lynne & Ben can be reached at 386-238-6242
  • New Business started by Terry Arva's wife "German Touch Baskets and Gifts" by Hannelore for more details call: 255-8288, producing unique gift baskets for all occasions, prices ranging from 8.00 - 150.00, something for everyone.
  • Penny Saver - is our local "garage sale" paper with all kinds of classified and display ads. Delivered every Wednesday, this is a FREE publication. Call 677-1541
  • Auto License Tags & Driver License - Within ten days of establishing residence in Florida you must apply for a Florida vehicle certificate of title and buy license tags for your automobile. For more information call: Tags - 254-4610, Driver License - 238-3140
  • Voter Registration - You must be 18 years of age or over and have no felony record to register and vote in local, state and national elections in Florida. New residents may register immediately. Registration books are Closed 30 days prior to any election. (Fairway Estates' voting place is at Bellville Church of Christ Hall in the front of Fairway Estates Development)

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