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1. How long have you been selling real estate? What do you know about the market in Fairway Estates? Do you live in Fairway Estates?

 2. How many homes have you sold in Fairway Estates? (I’ve either listed or sold 225 homes in Fairway Estates as of April 30th, 2013 representing over $28,000,000 in real estate) NO ONE ELSE COMES CLOSE-NO ONE!

 3. How many days, on average, does it take to sell a home in my price range? (ask for proof)

 4. What is the list price to sales price ratio for homes in my price range?

 5.Do you share your listings with other companies and how? Are you a member of the Real Estate Board and will my property be on Multiple Listing Service (MLS)? This is VERY important.

 6. Do you use Highlight Sheets and Brochure Boxes to promote all the benefits of my home to buyers and other agents who will show my home? 

7.  May I see a sample of a Highlight Sheet that you have done?

8. Do you have a “web site” and will my listing be on the internet ?

9. Do you have a plan to sell my listing yourself or do you just rely on MLS???   (hint...a lot of agents are just in the business of taking listings, a numbers game, and you may just be another number!)                   

10. Can you provide me with the names of three clients whose homes you have sold

11. If I list with you, when will the marketing begin and exactly what is your marketing strategy? If you do not do what you say you will, can I cancel the listing  without any penalty???? (many agents charge $500-$1000 to cancel or won’t cancel your listing at all)

12. How do you help me arrive at the "right price" to ask for? And can you justify that price in writing? Some agents will suggest a “high” price in attempts to get your listing and then begin asking you for price reductions because the home isn’t selling. This is an UNETHICAL practice. Ask to see copies of listings of             similar homes and what they have sold for.  

13. Do you offer a "Guaranteed Sale Plan"?

14. In summary, "Why should I list my home with you?"

Remember, it's YOUR HOME and probably your most important asset, so don't be shy in asking questions to agents trying to earn your business. If they don't have the right answers and can't or won't justify their  answers, perhaps it's time to interview another agent.  THIS IS IMPORTANT! Comparing REALTORS???? 

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