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Home Emergency Kit Checklist

Keep items in airtight plastic bags, and put your entire disaster-supplies kit in one or two easy to carry containers, such as an unused trashcan, camping backpack or duffel bag. Rethink your needs every year, and update your kit as your family needs change. For more click here: Emergency Checklist Continued

Check off supplies when added to your home kit:

r Food & Water
r Manual can opener
r Utensils
r First Aid Kit
r Flashlight
r Battery operated radio
r Batteries
r Cash in small denominations and coins/credit cards
r Unscented liquid household bleach for water
r Personal hygiene items, including toilet paper,
feminine supplies and soap
r Sturdy shoes
r Heavy gloves
r Warm clothes, a hat and rain gear
r a local map
r Extra prescription eyeglasses, hearing aid or
other vital personal items
r Plastic sheeting, duct tape and utility knife
for covering broken windows
r Tools including pliers and shut-off wrench to
turn off utilities if necessary
r Blanket or sleeping bags
r Extra keys to your house & vehicles
r A copy of important documents and phone
r Paper towels, aluminum foil
r Fire extinguisher
r Paper & pencils
r Large plastic bags for waste and sanitation
r Diapers and other items for babies & children
r Special need items for family members with
mobility problems, such as an extra cane or manual
wheelchair is case there is no power for recharging
an electric wheelchair
r Tent
r Matches in a waterproof container
r Pet supplies
r Plastic storage containers
r Signal flare
r Needles and thread

Emergency Checklist Continued

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