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2006-2007 Florida Association of Realtors Scholarship/Essay Contest

"How Does A Realtor Professional Benefit the Community"

     In 2006 there were 118 homes sold in Fairway Estates where I live in Daytona Beach. Several Realtors live in Fairway but the one who sold the most homes here, in this case 10, owns a home just doors from my parent's house. His name is Ed Savard.

     This is not the first time that Mr. Savard has sold more homes in Fairway than other Realtors and I doubt it will be the last. Why you may ask? You see he doesn't just sell homes; he lives here and is very involved in our neighborhood which is one of the oldest in the city. He and his wife, for example are very active in the homeowners association. Attendance at those meetings appears to be on the rise, thanks in part, to the Savard's according to my mom. About two years ago, the Savard's, started sponsoring door prizes and people like to win so more are coming to the meetings.

     Mrs. Savard also has been involved with the beautification committee which awards residents for keeping their homes and lawns looking nice. That's important since homes that look nice from the street level are more attractive to potential buyers. Also, it is a good indication that the people who live there take pride in their community. That may be what prompted my parents to decide to buy here seven years ago after renting for almost a decade.

     Mr. Savard sold us our house. Since that time, he also has impacted our family in another way. Four years ago when his youngest daughter left for college, he offered my older sister the opportunity to fold his monthly newsletter and stuff envelopes for him. Two years later that job was passed down to me. I couldn't help but read the newsletter while folding it. It made me more familiar with the people who live in my area and kept me up to date on any new real estate sales in the area as well as upcoming events. Besides the newsletter, he now operates a free community website that residents here can use.

     Working for Mr. Savard, meanwhile, gave me some real life experiences in the working world. Before I took the job, the most I had to show was the little experience that I gained by assisting my father from time to time. I was to young for most of the summer jobs here. I learned to work under a deadline. I was paid and I learned how to budget money. Even though I no longer work for him, the confidence I gained from that job has served me well.

     I am sure that there are other Realtors with the same sense of community as the Savard's. I am just glad that they are here at this point in time.

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