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Welcome To Fairway Estates

Fairway Estates is a community of approximately 650 homes and is in the City of Daytona Beach. Fairway Estates is comprised of eight units. Units 1-7 has a voluntary Home Owners Association while Unit Eight is a mandatory association. The Fairway Estates Home Owners Association (FEHOA) was formed to create civic pride through enhanced home ownership derived from a “good neighbor policy”. Membership is open to all residents of Fairway Estates and we welcome and encourage your membership. A unified neighborhood is a strong and safe neighborhood.

Voluntary dues help fund a variety of items some of which are: Four Quarterly General Meetings per year. At these meetings we have a variety of guests from the City of Daytona Beach as well as the private sector providing relevant information to the residents of Fairway Estates. These meetings also provide a great opportunity to meet your neighbors as well as an opportunity to win one of three door prizes or the 50/50 draw. Your Association also prints the “Lantern”, our quarterly newsletter mailed to all home owners in Fairway Estates.

The FEHOA also provides recognition to residents through monthly Beautification Awards presented to four sections of Fairway Estates. The Association has also paid for the replacement of the three entrance signs at the Manor Road, Margina Avenue and Edgewater Road entrances. The Association also pays for the electricity for the lighting of all three entrances as well as the maintenance of the American Flag and pole in the Margina Avenue entrance. The Association makes donations of flowers to families of Fairway Estates residents who have passed away through our Sunshine Committee. Your Association is an active voice for all residents with issues affecting our community and our city.

Please support your association and keep Fairway Estates
and Daytona Beach Beautiful!


*Disclaimer - This website is in no way affiliated  with the Fairway Estates Homeowners Association, its purpose is to provide a free informational website for the residents of  Fairway Estates. Information is believed to be accurate but not warranted to be so.